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Matterport VR Tours

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Matterport Virtual Tours, Real 3D tours or just panorama walk through.

Matterport arrived on the scene back in 2014, the new camera  system promised 3D virtual tours. after extensive research on the system, it became evident that yes it is a 3D scanned virtual tour, when presented in the doll house configuration, but when moving to the walk through tour the view is switched to panoramic images.

The images are very nice and the walk through is smooth and impressive, but what is lacking is the exterior views and location shots. these are not included because the system cannot shoot in sunshine and has difficulty with fluorescent lighting which causes striping in the panoramas.

another downfall with this technology is the tours are hosted on the Matterport server and cannot be downloaded or backed up in a usable format. you can download the OBJ scanned file, but the quality of this is very poor and only used for measuring and floor plans.

After years of producing tours we found the marketplace wants to have copies of the tours and host them on their own sites, you cannot rule out professional photography post production, as this generally produces a much cleaner and detailed tour. Augmented reality is very quickly becoming the new norm and needs to implemented in the virtual tour world. this cannot be achieved currently in the Matterport system.




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